Can Guinea pigs eat watermelon?

The article will tell you whether it is possible for Guinea pigs to eat watermelon. Special feeds or natural products? In order for the pet to be healthy, you need to find out whether it is possible to feed the Guinea pig with watermelon.

Watermelon rind, as well as the white part, near them you can not feed the rodent because they have a lot of nitrates, but whether you can give the watermelon itself depends on whether the culture is seasonal. It is forbidden to give early watermelons, as they contain a lot of nitrates, which can cause poisoning. In summer, in the season of the natural maturation of melons, it is allowed to give a little ripe, red flesh of watermelon to a Guinea pig. But it is rarely necessary to feed watermelon since it has a diuretic effect and due to a large amount of water can cause stomach upset.

Guinea pigs can be given a little watermelon during the summer. Try to give the ripe flesh, and the white part closer to the crust is desirable not to give because it is in this part that nitrates accumulate. Watermelon is a diuretic, so pamper your pet with it infrequently.