Can you be allergic to watermelon?

This berry is considered to be delicious and useful, but in recent years, it is often found an Allergy to watermelon. It is manifested by the development of an acute sensitivity to ragweed pollen. However, more than 50% of people with these diseases have the same symptoms.

Many of the patients do not even realize that the use of watermelon can provoke serious problems in the body, which require special treatment. Especially dangerous is the development of the reaction during pregnancy and breastfeeding of the baby.

Can I be allergic to watermelon?

The affirmative answer will be to the question of whether watermelon causes allergies. This is largely due to the fact that harmful substances from the soil accumulate in the watermelon pulp. In the case of an inadequate immune response of the body to the eaten melon, the disease occurs due to the excessive amount of nitrates in the berries, used by unscrupulous plant breeders during the fruit growth period. The accumulation of chemical elements occurs in ripe melons in cases of their sale near roads where passing vehicles fill the air with poisonous exhaust gases.

Allergy to watermelons occurs also in those who have eaten melon, which matured next to ragweed, known as the most powerful aeroallergen and the enemy of all allergists.

There is an allergy to melons, including those who:

  • Has a genetic predisposition
  • Lives in areas where the environmental situation leaves much to be desired
  • Often infected with parasites
  • It has a pathology of the digestive and excretory systems

If there is no escape from the hereditary factor, then in the 3 remaining cases, it is possible to exclude the action of the watermelon allergen by changing the place of residence, observing hygiene, and curing gastrointestinal diseases.

Babies who are breastfed are susceptible to watermelon allergies due to mothers who neglect nutrition standards. In adults, the allergen may not be expressed, but its presence in the body of pregnant women will provoke allergic manifestations in newborns.

Important to remember

  1. Allergic children’s reactions to watermelon are observed quite often, sometimes they can develop quickly and violently. As a rule, they are explained by the presence of nitrates in the berry.
  2. Even with mild signs of Allergy, you must immediately bring your child to a doctor’s appointment.
  3. Thanks to diagnostic procedures, the allergist will determine whether watermelon causes allergies and prescribe the necessary therapy. It is unacceptable to treat children at home.

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